Divine Services

Date Time Liturgy Celebration
Sunday, Jan. 7 10:30 AM Synaxis of St. John the Baptist
Blessing of St. Basil‘s Bread
Blessing of Water for Theophany
Sunday, Jan. 14 10:30 AM Sunday after Theophany
Sunday, Jan. 21 10:30 AM Maximos the Confessor, Martyr Neophytos
Sunday, Jan. 28 10:30 AM Sunday of Publican and Pharisee
Ephraim the Syrian, Isaac the Syrian
Sunday, Feb. 4 10:30 AM Sunday of the Prodigal Son
Isidore of Pelusium, Nicholas the Confessor
Sunday, Feb. 11 10:30 AM Sunday of Meatfare
Vlassios - Martyr of Sebaste, Theodora the Empress
All Souls Memorial
Sunday, Feb. 18 10:30 AM Sunday of Forgiveness - Cheesefare
Leo-Pope of Rome, Agapetius the Confessor
All Souls Memorial
Sunday, Feb. 25 10:30 AM 1stSunday of Great Lent - Sunday of Orthodoxy
Procession of Icons/Proclamation of Orthodoxy
All Souls Memorial
Sunday, Mar. 4 10:30 AM 2ndSunday of Great Lent - St. Gregory Palamas
Sunday, Mar. 11 10:30 AM 3rdSunday of Great Lent - Cross Veneration
Sunday, Mar. 18 10:30 AM 4thSunday of Great Lent - St. John Climacus
Sunday, Mar. 25 10:30 AM 5thSunday of Great Lent - St. Mary of Egypt
Feast of Annunciation of Theotokos/Greek Independence Day

Sunday School

Typically every Sunday from 10:30 - 11 AM. See Kid’s Corners for more details

Altar Bread (Prosfora)

Those who wish to make the altar bread (prosfora) for the Divine Liturgy, please see Fr. John. This is a very worthwhile ministry within the church. The recipe/article on prosfora is on our back window pamphlet stand.

Church Reminders…

  • Holy Communion: During Holy Communion, we ask that everyone stand quietly in the pews for it is disrespectful to talk during this Holy Sacrament. When receiving Holy Communion, please make sure you state your baptized name after Fr. John states “The servant (or handmaiden) of God…” We also ask that you hold the red cloth underneath your chin in case an accident should happen. As always, we ask that children come first to receive Holy Communion, then the adults.
  • Clean-up: As always, we ask you to please be considerate of how you leave the pews after Sunday Divine Liturgy. Clean-up any crumbs or garbage left by family members. This will keep our church beautiful and neat!
  • Bells: Please keep in mind that when we hear the bells starting to ring in church before the Divine Liturgy, we are to immediately stand because the censing will begin by Fr. John and then the singing of the Great Doxology. Please be respectful of this beautiful tradition as followers of Christ Jesus. There is to be no talking during the censing or the singing of the Great Doxology.
  • Candles: The fire of the burning… candles and lamps, like the censer with its hot needles and aromatic incense, serves as a reminder of the spiritual fire — the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles in the form of tongues of flame. It scorches our sinful misdemeanors, illuminates the minds and hearts, kindles our souls with a love for God and towards each other. Lite a candle on Sunday for your loved ones or friends, both living or deceased.
  • Books: There are many interesting books in our church library. Why not take one out and see the wealth of spirituality that might be missing from your life. Please see Alice Kotala to take that certain book out, but we ask that you please return them on the specified date so that others may enjoy it also.

Baking for Coffee Hour

If you wish to bring an item in for our Sunday coffee/cake fellowship, please feel free to do so. Our fellowship is a way of spreading the good news of our Resurrected Lord!

Church Info

Divine Liturgy

Begins promptly at 10:30AM. Cancellations will be posted.

Sunday School

Scheduled Sundays from 10:30-11:00AM.

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Driving directions and map.


Dues and donations are greatly appreciated and very much needed.

Parish Priest

Father John’s biography.

Parish History

History of the Altoona church.

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